Act and Sound is a reputed acting school in Jalandhar. The academy is imparting training through various courses in dancing, singing, acting, and modelling. With a core competency in training the hidden talents of aspiring artists, we provide the best atmosphere. Our team of professional trainers work towards enhancing the overall personality of each and every student. We believe in creating confident and appealing personalities. Having a great personality is the key to become a successful actor.

We have designed customized acting courses of different durations. The courses are designed for the beginners as well with basic education in the acting techniques. With the advent of newer cinema and television techniques, we have updated our courses. We train individuals to meet the expectations of the modern film industry. Act and Sound Academy is assisting all amateurs to make a successful career in acting.

Acting Courses by Act and Sound Academy

We have designed course modules with a complete focus on needs of individuals with different skill level. Our major services in the realm of acting are as given.

Acting Courses

The acting courses offered by us are specially designed to give intensive training to face the theatre world. We cover personality development techniques as well advanced acting techniques. Hence, the course is a perfect one for beginners and experienced artists.

Course Module:

1. Personality development techniques
2. Basic acting techniques for theatre and screen
3. Advanced training on body language (gestures and postures)
4. Voice | Speech and language skills, Dubbing
5. Dialogue delivery
6. Training and tips in camera facing, angles and perfect timings
7. Training for different sequences – songs and fights
8. Basic make-up and costume preparation

Basic Acting Classes in Jalandhar

Besides offering a full-fledged advanced courses in acting, Act and Sound is also offering basic acting classes in Jalandhar. There are many individuals who are passionate about acting and looking to learn basic skills in a short time.

Our basic acting training provides following services to the passionate learners.

1. Personalized acting training customized as per needs
2. Intensive acting training as per requirement
3. Preparatory training to teach acting for camera and auditions
4. Special training for voice, speech, and diction

Our specialized classes for basic training in acting have helped many learners. The classes also prepare students for auditions and stage shows.

Our Special Programs in Acting

Acting is a vast field in today’s modern world. It is no more restricted to be act as someone. The TV industry and event management field requires different skills like anchoring and hosting. Act and Sound launches different programs to assist those who want to make career in these related fields as well.

1. Workshops and Drama in schools and colleges
2. Special image management program
3. Tips on acting techniques
4. Skills developments as Radio jockey
5. Anchoring techniques

As a passionate acting school in Punjab, we also deliver special programs at different places. From time to time, we arrange workshops in schools and colleges to promote drama and theater. We also offer programs for self-awareness and freedom and personality grooming. Our acting academy also deals with training in all the skills which are related with acting and facing camera.