Act and Sound Dance Classes in Jalandhar are training talented youngsters to become professional dancers. We are catering to the need of proficiency in dance for all age groups. The trainers at our academy have experience in training kids, teenagers, youngsters, and adults above 30-40 years. Our dance academy provides reasonable training in all types of classical, semi-classical, western, Bollywood, and contemporary dance styles. Youngsters are also getting professional training courses in Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Zumba, and freestyle.

Dancing in India is an ancient form of art. A wide variety of dance forms is existing in India which is generally associated with the local cultures. Dance is also said to have roots in the religious performances. However, it has a very different concept today with the rise of bollywood dance and choreography. Hence, we train aspiring dancers to make them ready to choose a career as professional choreographers and dancers.

Dance Classes for all Forms

Dancing is incorporated at various occasions in India. It is present in weddings, festivals, internal functions of institutes, and religious ceremonies. Artists also get an opportunity to showcase their dancing talents through reality shows and talent hunts. Every different region and culture in India has its own popular form of dances.

Act and Sound Dance classes provide quality dance training. Our classes run throughout the year for students of all ages. Dance is also very significant as an expression of human emotions. Throughout our training, we help students to express and explore their dancing skills at the best. The students trained by us are ready to perform on the stage and also become professional dancers.

Best Dance Trainers

Act and Sound Academy is a pool of talented dance instructions and professional trainers. Our certificate courses are designed to offer customized dance training as per individual needs. The dance learning courses are available in following dance forms at our institute:

• Western
• Classical and semi-classical
• Bollywood free-style
• Jazz
• Salsa
• Bhangra and Folk Dances
• Hip-Hop
• Contemporary style
• Group performances

Act and Sound is a recognized as a professional dance institute in Jalandhar. It is empowering talented dancers to sharpen their dancing skills. We also prepare students for stage performances and shows at the institutional level. Further, advanced dance training is available for auditions and reality shows. You will also get guidance to choose the best form of dance to shape-up your dancing skills.

The dance teachers at Act and Sound Academy are the best choreographers and train students in contemporary styles as well. The most popular dance forms in India ranges from western and bollywood to the traditional folk dances. Besides training the aspiring professional dancers, we are also teaching to other learners. We also welcome learners to perform at weddings and private functions. Art and Sound academy based in Jalandhar is also providing training in acting, modelling, and sound designing.