Act and Sound Academy based in Jalandhar is imparting coaching in various forms of dance, music, and acting. Our courses in Music Direction are designed specifically to train you in all the professional activities as a music director. All the components like symphony, choirs, string orchestras, wind, and bands are covered in our courses. The candidates enrolled for the music direction course are also examined for their commanding and directing skills in rehearsals and performance.

We have designed our syllabus to train the person for making a successful career in the Indian music industry or abroad. The music direction course compiles composing and producing scores in the films, TV series, ad films, and documentaries. The syllabus covers arranging, mixing, mastering, and supervising the recording of the music.

Career Opportunities in Music Direction

Music Directors are also known as conductors. A music director is the leader of symphonies, operas, and musical productions. He/she is responsible for choosing the music for the performance. It covers a broad range of responsibilities like supervising the music interpretations, deciding the musicians and performance, conducting orchestra. As a music director, you have vast career opportunities to work with dance troupes, opera companies, music production companies, orchestras, and film production companies. The field also offers an opportunity to work in Television and Radio, and other media where music is involved.

Music Direction Training Institute

Our training programs in music direction combine a perfect package of theory, practical conducting of opera or choirs, and performance. The highlights of our syllabus will detail you the essentials of our profession-oriented courses.

• Basic theory
• Understanding music-making
• Understanding career opportunities as a music director
• Current scenario of music direction in India and abroad
• Western and Indian music production
• Performance Skills
• Instrument skills, performing skills as solo and orchestral performer
• Interpretive skills through sequential performance as a conductor and chamber musician
• Hearing skills for all types of performances
• Fundamental skills to relate to the audience and musicians
• Skills to create contrasting features, drama, and gestures in music
• Creating small pieces of music and a full range

Modern Technical Skills for Music Direction

Modern times also require certain advanced technical skills in music direction. This contains skills in the analysis of music on the basis of harmony, orchestration, and composition. It prepares the person for the preparing scores and artistic interpretation. The technical music direction skills also contain following training:

• Understanding all instruments for use in orchestral performance
• Functional keyboard skills
• Understanding and demonstrating different musical styles

Conducting Skills

Music direction course design also contains conducting skills with an ability to recognize and analyse rhythmic balance and sequences. The rehearsal technique and performance supervision are also covered to prepare the candidate for professional performances. Students are trained to communicate effectively with the band or orchestra for creating a high-quality performance.

We give practical training to act in the real environments in the music industry. The training is imparted from experienced masters in music. We also invite industry experts to motivate students with tips and lectures on the art of music direction.