The Sound and Act Academy is the best music school in Jalandhar for budding talents. We provide coaching in music production with special focus on mixing, recording, and audio production. We polish the inherent talents of the students to help them chose the right path in their career. Our academy is also providing courses for guitar, modelling, and acting. The training provided is in tune with the requirements of TV industry, radio, and independent music platform. Moreover, the technical skills with the latest music software are also developed.

Act and Sound music institute in Jalandhar is focusing on the key elements behind music production. We not only provide courses in vocal, but also into composing, constructing, and recording. All the important tool and music technology knowledge is covered in our course modules. The team of talented music faculties train students for sound and acoustics, composition, and production technologies. The professional trainers are giving coaching to get ready for the field on practical basis.

Music Courses

The Act and Sound Music institute offers music courses to cover following training from the experienced field experts.

1. General studies – Art and Music

The general studies in Art and Music teaches expressions, artistic intellect, and creation of art and music. Students also learn cultural, social, historical, and philosophical concepts of different music and art.

2. Core Music Studies (including ear and harmony)

Studies in core music deals with developing essential skills of students of music. The comprehensive courses are covered including solfege, sight singing, ear training, harmony, reading music notes, and writing. It also covers application of harmony and music theory. The study of all naad, karn, dhwani, swar, raga, aahat, and anaahat is included in the course.

3. Study of music technologies (recording and sound tracking)

Study of music technologies provides an analysis and understanding of various music technologies. The modern music world uses various software and techniques. Students get conversant with various sound systems, microphones, DAWs, mixing tools, and digital audio, and computer systems for music production. Also, cover electronic music and its structure and application.

4. Primary instrument studies

The courses in primary instrument studies at Act and Sound music classes in Jalandhar gives understanding of instruments. All rudimentary knowledge, technics, styles, and instrument pedagogy is closely studied through music instructors.

5. Inter-disciplinary Studies – Hindustani and Karnataki music

The inter-disciplinary studies in music help students to gain deep insight into different approaches. It goes beyond the primary instrument courses. The major topics covered are Hindustani, Carnatic, western-classical, and international music.

Students wanting to pursue a career in producing music will get through coaching in all technical aspects of the industry. Various stages like composing, sequencing, sampling, editing and recording are extensively focussed on. Students learn in the best creative environment at our music institute in Jalandhar. The professional-level training for using recording equipment, hardware, and software useful to compose music is given. We aim at creating professional composers, and music producers through our reputed music classes. Our academy also imparts education in the field of dancing, singing, and modelling.