acting school in Jalandhar

Act and Sound is a reputed acting school in Jalandhar. The academy is imparting training through various courses in dancing, singing, acting, and modelling. With a core competency in training the hidden talents of aspiring artists, we provide the best atmosphere. Our team of professional trainers work towards enhancing the overall personality of...


dance classes in Jalandhar

Act and Sound Dance Classes in Jalandhar are training talented youngsters to become professional dancers. We are catering to the need of proficiency in dance for all age groups. The trainers at our academy have experience in training kids, teenagers, youngsters, and adults above 30-40 years. Our dance academy provides reasonable training in all....


singing classes in Jalandhar

Singing is the art which is the most popular among masses. Act and Sound is offering formal training in vocals. Believing in this natural and inherent talent, we aim at creating creative and versatile singers and performers. The objective of our singing courses is to teach different genres of music. Professional training in rock, blues, classical, and other genres


music classes in jalandhar

The Sound and Act Academy is the best music school in Jalandhar for budding talents. We provide coaching in music production with special focus on mixing, recording, and audio production. We polish the inherent talents of the students to help them chose the right path in their career. Our academy is also providing courses for guitar...


guitar classes in Jalandhar

The guitar is a very popular musical instrument worldwide. It is a passion of thousands of music lovers and artists. Act and Sound Guitar classes in Jalandhar is training students for learning guitar. The guitar is played by strumming as well by plucking the strings with one hand and fretting strings with the other. The earlier versions of instru..


modelling institute in Jalandhar

Act and Sound Modelling Institute in Jalandhar is a unique platform for young aspiring models. The institute is the best place to learn social skills, personality development, and fashion modelling. We prepare youngsters wanting to choose the modelling career. Overall training for fashion modelling, ramp walk, social skills, and catwalk is given by


sound designing in jalandhar

The modern sound designing is a full-fledged distinct industry involving digital recording and dubbing. Act and Sound Academy is an institute offering Sound Designing courses in Jalandhar. The institute is also offering short-term and advanced programs in vocal music, dancing, singing, acting, and modelling. The modern sound designing is all about


mucis-direction in jalandhar

Act and Sound Academy based in Jalandhar is imparting coaching in various forms of dance, music, and acting. Our courses in Music Direction are designed specifically to train you in all the professional activities as a music director. All the components like symphony, choirs, string orchestras, wind, and bands are covered in our courses. The.....


wedding dance choreography in jalandhar

Make your weddings the most happening event with our choreography! We help you plan your wedding day performances that will be remembered for many years by your friends and relatives. Act and Sound is all about acting, singing, dancing, and much more. To make your weddings super special, we offer a dedicated Wedding Dance Choreography in Jalandhar