Singing is the art which is the most popular among masses. Act and Sound is offering formal training in vocals. Believing in this natural and inherent talent, we aim at creating creative and versatile singers and performers. The objective of our singing courses is to teach different genres of music. Professional training in rock, blues, classical, and other genres is delivered by the trained and established ustaad. The singing classes in Jalandhar not only provide training but also guide students to pursue an independent career.

Act and Sound vocal classes are comprised of courses for beginners, amateurs, intermediate students, and proficient artists. Though singing is a natural talent, an understanding of the style and monitored practice help students in becoming a professional level singer. Training for classical and commercial bollywood and non-bollywood music is also imparted.

Vocal Classes

Act and Sound is running vocal classes in Jalandhar for all level of students. Our course modules is designed with basic level training, progressive, and later advanced stage training in singing. Our faculties are masters in vocal and hold deep insight into the art of music.

We also design our courses with schedules to fit different schedules. Classes are available during weekdays, evenings, and weekends as well. We also have workshops and various short-term training programs in music.

Singing is present widely in form of formal, informal, and improvised way. Songs are sung for rituals, as professional, for pleasure, and ceremonies. Act and Sound aims at bringing excellence in singing with specified courses, dedication, and regular practice. Many learners have earned the level of professional singing with our apt teaching in vocals. Professional singers often make their carer focussing on a specific genre like classical or pop. Our team of music teachers provide vocal training for all different genres. Individual training and improvising techniques are given by the music coaches of different genres.

Highlights of our Vocal Training in Jalandhar

Our institute offers following featured services in singing and gives intensive lessons to the students:

1. Performing for live audience
2. Singing for recordings
3. Performing in auditions
4. Facing orchestras, bands, and music group
5. Rehearsing and singing for concerts and shows
6. Building career in singing

Career building as a singer in the modern music industry demands diverse skills like performing and connecting with the audience. Singers and musicians need intense and long training to acquire the skills of professional level. Our training programs in vocals make the singers ready to perform and playback.

Our expert teachers also offer apt guidance to find the best career options. Act and Sound music academy is also providing extensive training in musical instruments like guitar. A professional training in vocal gives dynamic opportunities career-wise. A proficient singer has many opportunities for a successful career. After professional coaching in music and singing, an individual gets a chance to explore varied fields. The major ones are music teachers in fine arts academies and colleges and music instructors. Other related career options are stage shows organiser and performer, and orchestra conductor.